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Manabouts | Helping fathers and mentors prepare boys for their leap into manhood.

Where dads are heroes

and boys become men.

“Down deep, every boy wants to become a man; and down deeper, he wants his dad to lead him there.”

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If the road sign reads “Safe Bridge Crossing Ahead,” when in truth the bridge is out, anyone proceeding will suffer. The truth about safe progress on our journeys is vital, and especially so when it comes to a boy’s journey into manhood. There are two lies men must not believe, but most men do. If […]

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How to Create a Rite of Passage That Makes Men of Boys

The Manual

To Fathers and Mentors,

My sons and I are concerned for boys in today’s world. For generations, cultures have preserved manhood and societal health through meaning-rich odysseys like the Australian aboriginal “walkabout.” These challenging journeys into the untamed equip young men mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and physically for adulthood by decoding the mystery of what it means to be a man and ushering them through its great doors. Our culture doesn’t provide our sons with this opportunity. As a result, our boys flounder toward manhood rather than race toward it.

Current society disagrees on the measure of manhood, and straddles a quaking fault-line as western culture pulls away from its ancient roots and truths on the subject. This tectonic shifting of the societal plates is traumatizing every structure on the social landscape, and like the splintering of pressurized rock, we are seeing a pornography explosion, widespread gender confusion, and a staggering increase of prolonged adolescence among males. Every son is in need of a clear, strong vision of manhood rooted in the ancient bedrock of truth, as well as the guidance of a father or mentor to prepare him for the societal San Andreas threatening to completely reshape western civilization.

My sons and I are writing The Manabouts Manual: A Rite of Passage Field Guide for Fathers and Mentors in response to this impending threat. We began by studying rite of passage patterns in cultures from around the world, and then developed a biblically-based equivalent relevant for the Western world. Over the past twenty years, we’ve field-test our model and the experience has been so rewarding that we want more fathers and sons to know the deep satisfaction, open lines of communication, and strengthened connection we experienced through our manabouts. The Manabouts Manual is a DIY process designed any father or mentor can use no matter his time limitations, abilities, or situation. If you want your son or a boy you mentor to move forward into biblical manhood, we can walk you through the five important stages of a meaningful rite of passage. To have what we’ve learned and to be notified when The Manabouts Manual is complete, include your name and email on the Notify-Me List. We can’t wait for you to see it!

— Stephen Meeks and Sons

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The art and craft of turning boys into men was once passed effortlessly from generation to generation. It isn’t as easy or as natural these days. Somewhere along the way we lost a valuable tool.

As our culture wandered the winding trails of slavery, the industrial revolution, two World Wars, the feminist movement, and the rise of social media it effectively lost its way when it came to manhood. Understanding the critical boy-to-man process was largely misplaced and/or replaced.

Over the past 20 years, my sons and I have been in search of finding this lost treasure. Our search led us to the safest, strongest, and surest way to initiate a boy’s crossing into manhood:  a father-led or mentor-led rite of passage.

My sons (4 of them, now ages 17-34) and I have packed all we’ve learned into a few videos that literally put what we’ve discovered at your fingertips along with a simple and proven action plan for you to lead your boy to manhood.

You have dreams for your boy. You have an idea of what he should be when he is grown, and you want to be the one to lead him there.  Allow me to share what we discovered that powerfully changed every thing for my sons and me.

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