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For generations, cultures have preserved manhood and societal health through established rites of passage; the Australian aboriginal walkabout is a prime example. These sojourns into the untamed to face dangers and fears within and without are unequaled in their power to form a male’s identity and decode and transfer the mystery of what it means to be a man. Without these rites, males flounder in life.

Ironically, despite the West’s many advances, great learning, and vast experiences, it has not developed a sound dynamic equivalent to the simple, by powerful, aboriginal walkabout. Western society and western men are struggling with what it means to be a man. We are in need of our own rite of passage, but one founded on time-proven truths, immune to fads and trends, and rooted in the bedrock of man’s original design and purposes. A manabout is western civilizations’ dynamic equivalent of the walkabout. The manabout event is a seminal moment encased in an extraordinary time frame. It is an intentionally crafted experience in which a father or mentor leads a young man to the end of childishness and then witnesses his first step into manhood.

Our aim at manabouts.com is to guide tens of thousands of men in leading their sons and mentored youth beyond childishness and into manhood. In an era of gender confusion, extended adolescence, and a growing disdain for men, manabouts.com is taking a bold, but needed step against the tide and toward restoring, strengthening, and clarifying the most noble and virtuous traits of manhood to the coming generations of boys growing up in this cacophony of conflicting messages. We believe that when men are restored to their original designs and purposes, family and society flourish. It is our ultimate mission to unite with thousands of men who will join us in this restoration of original manhood by crafting their own manabout and leading their sons and young men they mentor. We hope, and believe, such a movement will change everything for the good and best of all.

The Meeks – The Founding Family

Stephen Meeks and his four sons began developing the original prototype of what has become their manabout blueprint in 1997 when Daniel, the oldest son, was thirteen. With each of the following boys, their rite of passage improved and deepened. The richness of the experience compelled them to think of ways to share it with others.  In 2015 this a test-run of this vision was taken by a friend, Jeff Brown with his two sons.  Again, the results were spectacular and the Meeks family determined to help others to experience what they and the Browns had. This vision became a reality in 2017 with the launch of a website and the writing of The Manabout Manual.

Stephen is President of GoodSoil Ministries, a Licensed Clinical Pastoral Counselor –NCCA, and a Shepherd for Cornerstone Community Church in Williamsburg, KY. He and wife, Donna, spent ten years in ‘bush-missons’ in East Africa, have four sons and one delightful daughter. Stephen has authored three books available at Amazon.com: D60: Transformation Through Discipleship and Provisions: A True Story of Divine Care, and the children’s book, How to Get a Monkey Out of Bed.

Daniel  (33) is a pursuing his Master’s Degree in Theology to become a Chaplain. His married to Kendall and they have a daughter and a son.

Caleb (30) is Associate Director of Program Development for the Peugeot Center (an Engineering and Missions organization) in Nashville, TN. He is married to Kristina and they have two daughters and two sons. Together they produce weekly family-fun activities at DadVentures.

Benjamin (22) is completing his degree at the University of Tennessee in Soil Science and Organic Production. He enjoys photography and hosts the popular Instagram account “GardenGuy.”

Joshua (16) is a sophomore in High School and developing several entrepreneurial ventures.

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