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Coffee and Mr. Carr: The Value of a Mentor

Mr. Carr was dying.   “Come with me to visit him,” the preacher invited.   Sitting in his overly warm living room, the ailing gentleman rallied to sit upright in his recliner and pajamas. I was twenty-three. He was eighty-three.   “Mr. Carr,” I had a flash of genius, “Looking back at when you were […]

The Art of the Deal with Boys

President Donald Trump’s The Art of the Deal is his take on how to negotiate a favorable business outcome. One of his key points is to “Aim High.” Here is what he said about that point:   “I aim very high, and then I just keep pushing and pushing to get what I’m after. Sometimes […]

Fatherhood and The Way to The Father

Let’s listen closely to some things Jesus said about himself and His Father. “What you see me doing, is what I’ve seen my Father doing. What you hear me saying, is what I’ve heard my Father say.” “If you’ve seen me, you’ve seen my Father.” “As the Father has loved you, so have I loved […]

The Manabout: Western Civilization’s Walkabout

The “walkabout” is Australian Aborigine’s rite of passage in which indigenous males undergo a journey, typically between ages ten to sixteen, living in the wilderness for a period as long as six months. It is their spiritual and traditional transition into adulthood. These walkabouts are a boy’s first steps into independence, identity, and maturity. Enlightenment, […]

The Crime of Fatherlessness – Who is Guilty?

It is getting more attention in media, in journalism, and even by the government – fatherlessness is an injustice.  A man’s choice to walk away from his family and the duties owed to it is selfishness in a shell casing of immaturity. The pain and disaster father-absence delivers to children and society is no less […]