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3 Steps to Avoiding Fatherhood Nightmares

What are your worst Fatherhood nightmares? I’ll share my top three. First, I cringe at the thought of a call from an ER doctor informing me my son has been in an accident. Second, my stomach turns (and blood boils) when I imagine one of my sons calling from police headquarters due to an arrest. […]

Three Steps to Getting it All Done in a Single Day

“I don’t have time to do all that I should!” A thirty-something-year-old man just called me with that exasperatingly heavy thought. I think most men attempting to be responsible with work, family, and faith know what this guy is feeling – overwhelmed. Christ faced it too. Jesus’ coma in the middle of a Houston-like storm […]

Tracking the Path of a Hurricane of Faith

Time and distance are irrelevant in the context of how much influence a man can have on another man. As a personal example, three hundred thirty years ago, around the world in Luneburg, Germany a butterfly flapped its wings. It had a name – Augustus Herman Francke, and the motion of that moment began the […]

Hope and Opportunity in The Red Pill

As liberal groups become fanatical beyond civility, a backlash is beginning. The left, but non-radicalized are calling their line in the sand ‘the red pill.’ You aren’t going to believe this paragraph from a recent online major network post about this phenomena:   “Many who proclaim themselves “red pilled” express a yearning for traditional values. […]

All Idols Must Go Boys. No Pity!

“Do not look on them with pity…” (Deuteronomy 7:16) This might need to become your personal rallying cry. It has become my family motto.   Pity, at least the word used here in Hebrew, seems to carry the idea of having no limits. Where a person might normally stop or restrain himself, Israel is to […]