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Pornography: Road to Hell

  Michael Pearl and his wife Debi are the founders of No Greater Joy Ministries Inc. Michael has been a pastor, missionary, and evangelist for over 40 years. The Pearls’ five children were all homeschooled, and have grown up to become missionaries and church leaders. Though holding a degree from the Mid-South Bible College (now Victory University), […]

Why the Wilderness?

  Philip Fortenberry is the founder of Fatherhood Revolution where he creates second chances for dads with their sons.  Philip is a fatherless child who became a Green Beret and has led hundreds on wilderness treks.  Philip also served over 15 years as the Director of Reconciliation at Cornerstone Church in San Antonio, TX under […]

The Deer

Jimmy Sites is a preacher, bible teacher, philanthropist, television personality, sportsman, and family man who says, “My father has been my #1 role model and hero as a man for all my life. He has shaped me more than any other man alive.” Jimmy holds a theology degree in one hand and a muzzleloader in the […]

How to have your BEST wife … Now!

  Brackin Kirkland and his wife, Lindsey, create family-friendly inspiring weekly vlogs and music videos on their successful and growing YouTube channel “Tiny Notes from Home.” You can also enjoy hearing their music at www.soundslikereign.com. Brackin previously wrote “A Father’s Guide to the Birds and the Bees” for Manabouts. _________________________________________________   Ok guys. Let’s get real […]

Fathers, Make Great Men!

During the dark days of the war, Winston Churchill addressed the coal miners of Britain. In his magnanimous way, he cast a vision and painted a verbal picture for them by talking of the day when the war was won and the country would celebrate. He described the celebration of heroes and the joyful atmosphere […]

Aiming to Fix Broken Boys

Even, the secular media is starting to get it right! Suzanne Venker’s article The Desperate Cry of America’s Boys (Fox News Opinion 2/18/18) shoots a perfect bull’s-eye by responding to a statement on Twitter by a Mr. Black. “Mr. Black is correct that boys are broken. But they’re not broken as a result of being […]

Living on the Frontier: The 5 Keys to Manhood

In 1849, Betsy Bayley of the infamous Stephen Meek (no relation) expedition, lost in route to Oregon, wrote this despairing letter to her sister in Ohio: “We camped at a spring which we gave the name of “The Lost Hollow” because there was very little water there. We had men out in every direction in […]

I Want to Be a Better Dad

We’ve been looking at the father-thing for a while, taken surveys, reviewed stacks of stats, and held interviews, and there are two consistent findings:   Most men want to be better dads. Their most common obstacle is time.   “I want to be a better dad, but I just can’t get everything done!”  “I don’t […]