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How to be a Human Being (Manual Sold Separately)

by Grant Luton. Go to the ant, you lazybones! Consider its ways, and be wise. – Proverbs 6:6 Whenever I read Solomon’s advice to lazy people, I wonder how much good it has ever actually done. After all, if a person is too unmotivated to work, he is likely too unmotivated to look for ants […]

When Your Son is in The Ditch

by Randy Skiles. Someone asked me what I would have to say about how to “Walk with the Wise. “  Honestly, I don’t know.  At first I thought I probably would have lots of good stuff to say.  But, as I stared at a blank screen, most of what came to my mind didn’t sound […]

Solomon’s House of Horrors

The wisest human, and arguably the wealthiest, to ever have lived wrote about home life, “Better a dry crust with peace and quiet than a house full of feasting with strife.” (Proverb 17:1) Was his wisdom gained by experience? I think it likely if not probable. Solomon’s house couldn’t have been all smiles and giggles. […]

The Train of Shame: Unstoppable?

Big names are in the news today on a train of shame – powerful, influential, successful, but unfaithful men. In public they are princes; in private they’ve been predators. The country winces and wonders, “Who will be the next famous celebrity to become infamous by morning?” Some shrug, “All men are the same.” But are […]

Don’t Stop Now: Young Adult Males Need More Fathering, Not Less

I have worked in the field of higher education for almost twelve years.  I first began as a professor at a mid-sized secular university where I taught masculine subjects, including architecture and construction management.  I not only trained students to develop designs, build models, and use power tools but built full-scale buildings with them as […]

What Mr. Carr Got Right: The Best Advice from an Old Guy

When I graduated High School, 41 years ago, I visited with Mr. Carr, a respected church elder in his eighty’s, and asked him the simple question, “If you were my age again, what would you tell yourself?” He gave a very short answer, “Keep it simple, Stephen. Keep it simple.” While I tried to grasp […]

Three Things That College Age Men Desperately Need

The world that we live in today is a minefield for men. We are bombarded daily with temptations and many men do not have the equipment that they need to fight back. The result of this has led to the destruction of the definition of a man, but there are three things that can end […]