During the dark days of the war, Winston Churchill addressed the coal miners of Britain. In his magnanimous way, he cast a vision and painted a verbal picture for them by talking of the day when the war was won and the country would celebrate. He described the celebration of heroes and the joyful atmosphere of the nation’s festive victory parades. Bringing up the rear of those processions, he included, as if they were the grand finale, the coal dust covered faces of those hard working men and fancied that as they passed, someone in the cheering crowd might ask, “And where were you during the critical days of the struggle?”  To which the voices of thousands of mining men would respond, “We were deep in the earth with our faces to the coal.”  His image set black rivers a-flow down their faces.


Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. spoke of his dreams for equality and a nation’s imagination was inspired.


Jesus spoke of a Kingdom to come and martyrs clung to their crosses.


Leaders capture and communicate vision. They inspire and lift the expectation and empower potential. The mind’s-eye of a leader is first to see a thing, and their imagination is first to contact what is as yet on the way. With their speech, they spread their infection to others until the vision becomes reality. Boys at risk, living perilously, floundering in frivolity, empty of purpose, will put down their games, leave their silliness, their childishness, their rebellion, their sin, and their littleness for a Father who, with confidence looks them in the eye and assures them, “I believe you can be a GREAT man.”


The greatest of men have stood on the shoulders of great men before them. Even Jesus said, “I do what I have seen my Father do and I say what I have heard Him say.”  Boys, who have their father’s shoulders to boost them, become more, and in an era of decay, like ours at present, boys need those shoulders as much as ever. They need vision, they need an invitation, and they need leadership. American culture is failing its sons. Our boys receive far too little healthy, positive input from the community of males, and most popular role models are silly, directionless, lacking character, or moral weaklings. But boys will still respond to a greater vision of manhood, if men of strong fiber will rise to the occasion.


If you are a man, then, it is to you the will turn. If you are a dad, then this message is for you to apply. If you would see our land healed, our boys healed, our families healed…then it is on your shoulders that the boost will come.  Do not look away, and do not belittle your value. Certainly, no one can do it perfectly, but anyone can do his best. You can lead your boy into manhood. As for what you don’t know, you can learn. Where you lack skill, you can lock arms with the skilled. What you did not receive from your father, you can gain from the fathers of others. You don’t have to go it alone. You have a community. You have brothers and fathers. You have help and we at manabouts.com are at least a starting point.


Dad, stand up. Lead. Cast a vision for your son. Infect him with a vision of greatness. Beyond telling him of manliness, dip your shoulder to meet his reach so that he may one day do the same for a son of his own.


It starts with you and you can begin now.