As liberal groups become fanatical beyond civility, a backlash is beginning. The left, but non-radicalized are calling their line in the sand ‘the red pill.’ You aren’t going to believe this paragraph from a recent online major network post about this phenomena:


“Many who proclaim themselves “red pilled” express a yearning for traditional values. “Pat Riarchy” wants to see a return to an era where comedians can “attack everyone,” not just Trump. “PC culture is going down,” he says. “A lot of people want this to stop.” Kirsten Lauryn, a 20-something hipster sitting amidst empty church pew worries that, “A lot of our society has drawn away from religion as an important way of instilling values.” She observes, “The pendulum is swinging back to a more traditional lifestyle. I see this with my generation Generation Z.”[1]


Indeed, the pendulum is swinging and what an opportunity for those who hold the inside scoop on ‘traditional lifestyle’ and on ‘religion!’ Now, I don’t imagine that the author or those red pilled patriots is suggesting a swing back to traditional VALUES or CHRISTIAN religion, but perhaps a swing toward them. This movement is noting short of tidal wave of opportunity IF those values and Christianity are being lived in trustworthy and authentic ways.


Capturing the power of that wave boils down to individuals living honestly, kindly, genuinely in their neighborhoods, in the bleachers at little league games, on their jobs, and with their family. It isn’t hard. It should not become complicated. It must be real, and I believe that men hold the key, though admittedly not the solo component, to a great, but silent, revolution-possibility afforded by Gen Z’s pendulum swing.


The article from which the above quote was taken indicates the direction and affections of the crowd that’s pushing back from the alt-left and perhaps a little toward the center. They will reject PC culture which means they will be looking for non-PC answers. They will reject group-like mandates and prefer individualism. They’ll be experimenting with traditional things and ways (ie. family structure, home-based living like homesteading and homeschooling, dependable relationships, smaller/supportive community). They’ll also be look to satisfy the religious gnawing in them. How will we answer them?


Unabashedly, I hold that key to the eventual outcome of this moment are men –men who live as Adam was suppose to live. I don’t see men like I’m talking about very often, and when I do, they aren’t in the headlines – because attention-grabbing is selfish and narcissistic and fundamentally contrary to what makes these men true men. I believe that men, who live as the image of God on the earth (not as gods, but as an example of God), create and preserve an environment in which everyone and everything can flourish. A secure woman blossoms. A safe child who knows they are loved lives fully and free. A community led by wisdom and selfless leaders will encourage the good of one another. This and so much more is possible when men live as they were created to live – selflessly loving those around them out of reverence and respect for their Creator.


Where are these men? Gen Z is looking for them. I want to join them and assist them in the making of more like them. I hope there will be millions joining that pursuit, because it will require a mountain of us making the decision to swallow that pill – even if it is a difficult one to swallow.


[1] Liberals sick of the alt-left are taking the red pill.  By Elizabeth Ames September 13, 17