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About Provisions

When it comes to God, what really matters to most of us is whether He does or doesn’t involve Himself down here; I mean, actually do things. I think most of us would like Him to.

The tens of thousands of answered prayers during the life of George Muller of Bristol captured my heart and inspired my faith like nothing had before. Though I never imagined God would work in my life in a similar way, He has. Until now, the details of that journey have largely been kept private, but it is time to share our story of His divine care, and why we are convinced God actually does things down here.

 “Much after the order of George Müller of Bristol, Stephen and Donna’s faith was in a God who refuses nothing to those who refuse nothing to Him. Few understand a true life of faith ministry. They are among those for whom I entertain a very high regard!

 Dr. Albert G. Lemmons

 Appointed a National Senior Advisor to the 2002 Presidential Prayer Committee. 

“A roller coaster of emotion and tears!”

Glenn in Tennessee

“I needed this book. Thank you, Stephen, for letting God write it through you.”

Dan in New Jersey

“Such a great book. Thank you for putting into print your faith journey.”

Lori in Texas

“I am going through the book – totally enjoying it with periodic fits of tears and hysterical laughter.”

Oneal in Arkansas

“I am grateful that God hears our cries.  And I am grateful that this book ‘just happened’ to arrive when it did.  Thank you for sharing your story, Steve.”

Patty in Oregon

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