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Table of Contents


Chapter 1.  No Apologies: Men Matter – Especially Fathers.

Chapter 2. Men Are Made: The Manabout–Western Civilization’s Walkabout.

Chapter 3. Building Men: Stage One – Extending an Invitation to Manhood.

Chapter 4. Building Men: Stage Two – Finding Your Way to the World of Men.

Chapter 5. Building Men: Stage Three – Re-Entry: The Return of the King.

Chapter 6. Building Men: Stage Four – Ethos: the Life of a Man.

Chapter 7. Conclusion: Let us Build Men.

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STEP 2: Pray

“My plate is overflowing with work and various other tasks.  How can I even make time to focus on turning my boy into a man?

“I don’t know if I’m the example that I need to be for my boy.  How do I work on myself while introducing him to manhood?”

There are many, many questions.  The only answer, for the most part, is prayer.  If God has power to overcome death… and prayer is our way to communicate and connect with that power… then nothing can stand in our way.  Death has been defeated and our God has won!  Let’s continuously pray for understanding, change, and the opportunity to go beyond our own abilities.

STEP 3: Take a Look Around

We are quickly rolling out new (and high quality) content!  Be on the lookout for the upcoming ways to connect:

  • Membership Site – within the community side of Manabouts will be exclusive content and “how-to” steps to lead your boy(s) into manhood.  More information coming soon…
  • Video – we are interviewing various individuals who will document their experience for you regarding the “manabouts” – the event that changed everything for them and their son.  We also talk with the son and hear their side.  Manabouts is no longer conceptual, but rather an intentional lead-in to an event that changes perspective and manliness.
  • And much more – typically work tires a man… until he finds his passion, then work excites a man.  We are excited about what is going on and are working hard to create content, find the right stories to bring before you, and praying for God’s guidance in continuing to build this platform out.  So stay tuned!
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