Surprised by Glory! (…by the rippling impact of a man on his community)

It’s the surprise, the unexpected turn, the “where did that come from?” moment or event that catches our attention and holds it.  Yesterday surprised me.


The room was full with men, women, and peers at the Re-Entry Party Hunter’s mother threw for him to celebrate his Manabout experience. Food was great and music too. Chatter and laughter filled the air as the program began to unfold.  All was predictably going as planned until Jim spoke.


Jim, hadn’t planned to speak. I know because he’d told me so beforehand. But as man after man in the room shared with Hunter words of affirmation and advice, Jim could not remain silent.


He started, but less than a full sentence into his speech….his lip began to quiver and his body shook with emotion. Swallowing hard to calm himself he continued as the room sat riveted,  anxious for his thoughts.


“When I was a boy, I believed that when I left home, got out on my own, and could do as I pleased that would begin my glory days. And I followed by belief. I left as soon as I could and I did whatever I wanted to do…for me…for myself. It was great for a time, but it didn’t find what Hunter found. It wasn’t until later in my life, when I started giving, living for others, thinking of someone besides myself that the real glory days began.”


We were moved by Jim’s insight. I don’t think anyone saw that moment coming. Derek, Jim’s friend of many years, didn’t foresee the stirring in him to approach me after the meeting and say, “Hey, I’m thinking I’ll take my son next summer on this.” The young women present were surprised by how caught they were by the image of a truly selfless man. None of the boys and college age guys there had their guard up.  So, they were taken by surprise at the swell of desire in their deep center to know and experience this transformation for themselves.


I admit, that though I’d written the material and designed this part of our 4 C.O.R.E. elements in the Manabout… I also was caught off-guard by the rippling impact on community when a man (even if he is 15) lives out his manhood as God intended. Imagine what will be the outcome when tens of thousands of others begin to do the same!


Mothers, begin to pray for your husband or for a mentor. Dads, uncles, mentors take action, now.  Lead him on to take this leap into manhood and so let his glory days begin!