Longtime friends are the best and West Soward is a long time friend of mine. Besides two fantastic adult sons, West has a fantastic marriage! I can honestly say that he and his wife are in love AND like one another – and both are not always present in a marriage! With so many couples failing these days, it seemed wise to hear from a guy who has held senior level positions with international business corporations, served as a church leader in both rural and urban churches, has created an enviable relationship with both his sons and in the process kept his marriage alive and fun. So, I asked, “West, what are a few, quick, simple, practical things you would advise guys to do to keep the romance in their marriage?” He immediately responded with these two great actionable ideas.


  • Seems that most women like the thoughtful, more than they enjoy the expensive–Simply swing by the grocery store on your way home from work and pick up a bouquet of flowers. At our local grocery store for $5 to $10 you can buy a simple bouquet of flowers.  You really don’t need a card or note, but if you take the time to write a note on a notepad, just telling her that you were thinking of her, it will add to the gift.
  • Just being together, enjoying the touch of each other, and spending time with her will help keep the romance alive — As soon as you get home, give her a kiss, and ask her to go on a walk together. If the answer is yes, quickly change into walking attire and head outside.  You don’t have to talk the whole time, but you should hold her hand, or lock your pinkies together, and my guess is that YOU will enjoy walking, talking, and just being together, as much as she will.


I think most men like to keep things simple, to the point, and practical when it comes to suggestions and West gave us them all. Simply put he is saying, “Gentlemen, be thoughtful and spend time with your wife to encourage and feed the romance in your marriage.” But his ideas are worthless unless YOU put them into practice. So, right now (Yes, right now) take 60 seconds to think of what you’ll do and when. (Really take the sixty-seconds and do it!) Then put your ideas into action within the next 24 hours. Then help the rest of us by sharing in the comments what you did and what happened. Thanks to longtime friends with great marriages and those of you who share, we can all do a better job and enrich each other. Ready, set, go!





Bio: West Soward is Chief Financial Officer and Vice President of  Accounting for Preferred Pump & Equipment; He has a great relationship with his two grown sons and is married to a praying wife, Lori.